Feb 24, 2012


I had the chorus of 'sometimes...its just a matter of time' playing in my head for a long time. Finally got down to penning a version.

Sometimes...it's just a matter of time

I walk along and stumble on
trying for a lift, path forlorn
I wave, I call, beckon and shout,
No one halts, they just carry on.

they may not see me today,
They may not care for who I am
but someday, they will look back on this day,
Someday they will regret what they say.
Today, they may have their way.

But tomorrow shall be mine
Cos sometimes...it's just a matter of time.

I tell them my dreams they laugh,
They try and cut my hopes into half,
They cannot see beyond a mile,
But the future has been in my eyes for a while.
Today, they may tell me I can't.

But tomorrow my dreams shall be mine,
Cos sometimes...its just a matter of time.

I don't need you to halt you see,
I for walk not alone but with my castles of sand,
And as you drive on you'll know eventually,
someday these very roads will all lead to me.

Tomorrow will be mine,
Cos sometimes...its just a matter of time.

- Haem Roy
Feb 24, 2012.


babahall said...

Very inspirational. Rocky! Rocky!

Vinay Rathod said...

words are clear.. and feeling is visible... the pain that lies underneath the strong surface... that has been hidden very well...

Nice work.. :)

Vinay Rathod said...

pain of today has been beautifully been overshadowed by the hopes of tomorrow...

Nice work...