Mar 8, 2014

The poetry of abandon

Her breath moved in a lilting rhythm,
Her skin jumped up to reach out to his touch,
Goosebumps that spread to her beating heart.

He didn't need to see her to revere. 
She didn't need to touch him to feel.

His fingers like satin, wrapped around her,
The world was bolted out,
The covers were out in the open.

His eyes covered her in silky glory,
She was the queen of the world they lived in.

They were discoverers - every moment a quest,
They found the hidden art in seduction,
Never more than an inch away from breathlessness.

Her curves were now his altar,
His warm breath was her drug.

Levitating above the world they lived in,
Creating pure poetry with their bodies,
Sculpting pleasure into their memories.

Wild abandon seeped in their senses,
Attachments found no space to survive.

© Haem Roy
8th March, 2014.