Nov 16, 2007

R.I.P Abhishek Shetty

Abhishek passed away suddenly on 14th Nov, 2007. A message arrives announcing the same and disbelief sets in as I contact those who know him better to get the news denied. But it was true...

Abhishek Shetty - the one who was the life of every gathering, the one who knew how to break a smile on anyone's face, the one who never knew the meaning of not smiling. His spontaneous dances at Rural Camp,the tapori conversations, the total down-to-earth attitude, the enthusiasm with everyone at everything - it was all just so infectious. It is certain that there would not be one person who knows him and had anything negative to say about him, and that is some achievement in life. His 'pehchaan kaun' act is forever etched in everyone minds, making them laugh even at the thought of it.

And to top it all was his ambition, his dreams to become something, his hard work that made him go to random remote places and climb random hills just to unearth some rock that had some importance in his world of geology. And then when faced with my shock at his bagful of rocks and bruises everywhere, he would go on to detail his travels and his experience and what the rocks were.

Rural camp- where he was a part of the 'rock gang' . Not one pic is of him standing straight!

Project Care - This has the best memories of him for me. The kids loved him. He actually formed a fan following among them and everytime we went for a pre-visit, they would ask about him first thing. And he never tired of making the kids see a slice of the fun side of life. His spirit got to them too!

My Ipa volunteer, a comrade when planning ranks, a conductor of pranks, fellow train traveller, partner in crime wen singing ghaati songs, crazy-buddy, smile-distributor and so much more.

I remember the times when we travelled together in the train, or the time we went to Thane together and then talked forlong at the bus-stop with Lakshika, or the millions of times in the foyer when he would tell me stories, or when he was made the Camp sec and told me the problems he faced, or his plans to study and do something... there are soooo many moments... and all happy ones.

If someone manages to achieve something so tough in such a small time, does this mean life for him is over? Abhishek managed to survive with a golden heart and he was taken away!

We will always miss you Abhishek. May you rest in peace and spread smiles wherever you are with that smile of yours.

Nov 10, 2007


Walking along the brim of the universe
I decided to peep into the bowl,
Walking along the edge on top
I could see existence as a whole.
Moving, running, circling
Chasing other forms
Playing throwball- 'There goes a comet'
Or simply cheering along.
A huge hotch-potch of all games
Being played all at once
Clashes, fights, jumps and roars
Everything living a life of its own.
Every form affixed a place
Every game having rules
I could see them, predict or imagine
Believing this is how it works.
But beliefs are fragile,
brittle and unstable,
mirages and illusions,
fairytales and fables.
Looking from the brim,
I couldn't figure it out
Everything had changed
All jumbled around.
A huge upheaval
the games are changing
A change of positions
Chaos between settling down.
Illusions faced me
As old expectations arose
Broken by the suddenness of the change
Images broke down, defroze.
The change was constant,
The illusions around me fluttered,
I looked at the universe around me
Surprised, shaken and bewildered.

10th November, 2007