Oct 11, 2008


Amazing article on cinema and those addicted to it by David Bordwell - his book was our bible when we began studying cinema... I am probably halfway towards becoming a cinephile, with regards to the discussions... The article was recommended by a good friend.
Do read it...

The Europeans have long been fascinated by the subject of cinephilia. The French supplied not only the word but the most outstanding instances, from the founding of Cahiers du cinéma to the passions of the Nouvelle Vague. (1) In the last decade particularly, French critics have often returned to the subject–worrying, for instance, that home video might have changed or even decimated cinephilia–and this has led critics from other countries to join in.

I was reminded of how strongly the idea persists when, at Il Cinema Ritrovato this year, I was invited to sit in on one of several lunches at which critics and historians talked about the subject. The discussion consisted mostly of recollections of the guests’ first encounters with cinema, of the films that affected them most powerfully, of the film-related activities they engaged in during their salad days. Some of us hadn’t done this exercise in autobiography before, but others had had practice. Jonathan Rosenbaum and Eric de Kuyper had both written a fair amount about the sources of their affinity for film. (Sometimes I feel I remember Jonathan’s life better than my own.)

What is cinephilia? Literally, the love of film. But everybody likes, even loves film, no? The term “cinephilia” connotes an overwhelming passion for film, even an obsession about it. And not just particular films. I meet civilians all the time who are devoted to their favorites—The Godfather, The Princess Bride, The Matrix. But they’re not cinephiles. So is it just a matter of quantity? Is it just that the cinephile enjoys a great many movies? Partly, but there’s still more to it.

The cinephile displays symptoms of cinemania, as chronicled in the film of the same name. If you haven’t seen it, Cinemania tracks five people who organize their lives around watching movies. As I watched it, some of my reactions ran to “Wow, that is really hard-core,” but every now and then I thought: “Well, that’s not so weird. I do that.” So I see the similarities...

(contd. here) http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/?p=2662

Oct 5, 2008

What's this?

Ever counted how many times people have pointlessly gone 'whats this?' when you have gone and done something radical or unexpected?

Starting from school when you would have doodles in your notebook and your teacher would scream 'whats this?' Doodles, what else!
And then at home when you return after enjoying the first rains, entirely wet - Whats this?
Or maybe when you wear a jeans at a wedding and you have the entire family going Whats this?
Or even better - I have a friend who would draw diagrams and pie charts for literature answers. As far as I saw them, they made perfect sense and in fact, I loved the innovative ideas. But as obvious, his teachers would go 'Whats this?' and threaten to fail him!
I have got red hair extensions now... and I have a volley of Whats this' coming to me.

Its something I felt like doing, and feelings can't be questioned, no matter how silly or radical or weird. Just something I like, simple!

Oct 1, 2008

The lonely bungalow feel

The sweet smell of grass envelops
dew hanging mid-air
mist tying you up all around
a gush of darkness approaches the ground

stars float about, having their siesta
the moon has just stopped bothering
the cottage before you stands in a permanent shadow
the trees covering its promiscuity

and as the crickets begin their speech
the tiny world silently listens
tip-toe, whisper or scream

No other sound will get ears

a wave of eeriness and you walk faster
wanting to get away, but being pulled back
as you crunch the gravel along the road
it's always a wide stretch - behind you or ahead

all your senses alert almost
your Mind wafting away
hushed whispers are all your mouth can manage
seems like someone's carried your voice away

your lonely cottage is your Den
the shadows around it ignored
a tiny lamp your constant companion
the trees sharing the secrets hidden from you
with restless peace your heart keeps beating
as you sleep enveloped by the Lonely Bungalow Feeling...