Jul 13, 2012

Why TV shows think I am evil...

So, I've recently been ranting on twitter about regressive tv shows. And I thought this topic deserved its very own blog post.

Now where do I begin? Maybe from the time when I switch to any hindi GEC. Pick any show at random, and under the guise of all the recent fad of 'modernity', you will find some regressive idea being plugged and pushed into people's minds.

I'll give the most recent example that irked me. Boy and girl in some tv show fall in love. Turns out boy was just using girl for some 'revenge'. He impregnated her and then refused to accept the affair. And left the girl 'regretting not agreeing to an arranged marriage'. Regretting love.

There is so much that is wrong with this. Firstly, it's not the first time tv shows have used this plot. It's so common, I am willing to believe that a lot of parents now think that love can only have this outcome and boys are only looking at impregnating and abandoning women. Nothing else. Also, I'd like to believe that women today are much smarter than this. They know about the existence of birth control, they know how to handle a guy and they know how to take care of themselves.

Also, this just leads to reinforce all that Satyameva Jayate with its 'no more honour killings' episode was trying to advise against. It just gets more people to think 'love' is forbidden. And those of you who think this is just fiction are unaware of the power this medium has on a majority of the populace. There could be a bunch of parents locking up their girl for wanting to marry a guy of her choice. And citing the tv show as an example of why love is a bad idea.

That was about love. There is also the issue of working women. What exactly is wrong with independence? What is wrong with wanting to live on your own, with not knowing how to cook and hiring a cook, and so on? Yet, working women are the evil forces wanting to break up homes, only looking for money and so on. If they want a career and money, they are bad. They have to know how to sweep your feet, soak your bullshit, feed you nods of agreement, etc. This is not a thing of the past. Look closely, and you'll see how the shows even today, subtlely reinforce these mindsets.

They will 'allow' the main lead to have a career, but the situations will finally all focus on her either having to balance her home and work, or her being the ultimate woman because she sacrificed career for home. That is just propaganda. Constantly being drilled into the viewers' heads. Slowly. Steadily. Watch them nod at every situation, mumble their approval, take mental notes to use in their life, and form opinions.

Every time a character does something rebellious or different, why does the plot always have to take a bad turn?

We were taught the power of pop culture in literature class. It influences the majority mindset. It is strong enough to bring change. And it is strong enough, as in this case, to reinforce regressive beliefs and thoughts. What the majority likes needn't always be good. But why can't we create only the good, so that the majority can like just what is good?

Where are the shows reflecting an actual teenager's life? Where are the shows that talk about a girl and her real ambitions, lusts, feelings? Maybe not a radical change all at once, for the sake of acceptance. But we can at least begin by Stopping this silliness. Then we can slowly introduce new thinking, and the changing India. Use this medium wisely.

Just one show 'shocking' everyone on Sunday will not bring that much change. Spread it across shows, across channels. Practice the preach in your daily soap story lines.

We feel angry that there are people who blame a woman's dressing choices for her being eve teased. But tell me, how many leading ladies on tv have ventured towards dressing more like urban women today? Those who do wear short skirts, Jeans, halter blouses, are vamps, house breakers, or foreign returns. Why?

I wear skirts, I wear halter blouses and short skirts. I strongly believe in independence and a career. Even though cooking is a hobby, I don't think of it as a necessary skill. I will willingly employ a cook so that I can go to work daily. I prefer a nuclear family, and I do believe that if love happens, one should follow the heart. I know wonderful couples who have fallen in love, and are perfectly happy.

So, if I were to believe these shows, I'm an uncaring, disrespectful vamp who won't ever live happily.
I am evil! Then so be it.

Jul 6, 2012

Walking in the rain

I like walking in the rain because it hides my tears.
I like walking in the rain because it soaks my fears.

The rain drowns my doubts,
The rain washes my worries,
It keeps me in the moment,
The past, the future, packed away and sent.

I like walking in the rain because it makes me forget.
I like walking in the rain because it tunes my mind to reset.

The rain brings me romance,
The rain makes me dream,
I build my world within those droplets,
I imagine conversations, moments and the life I expect.

I like walking in the rain because it makes me smile,
Let me walk in the rain for another mile.

- © Haem Roy

Jul 2, 2012

Kya maanga?

Titli ke rang nahin maange,
Na chand, na taare, na aasmaa,
Bas itna hi toh maanga tumse humne,
Jatao zara apni chaahat ka nazraana.

Phoolon ke baag nahin maange,
Na moti, na heere, na jevraat,
Kuch bada nahin maange tumse,
Kyun mann tumhara phir hichkicha raha?

Satrangi indradhanush na maanga,
Na zid ki, ke kadmon tale ho jahaa,
Duniya bhulaane nahin kahaa tumse,
Lekin tumne meri guzaarish ko bhula diya.

Sang e marmar ka mahal na maanga,
Na sone ki chaadar, na chaandi ka bistra,
Na lutne na lootaane ki baatein hui tumse,
Aakhir kiss baat ne tumhe itna darra diya?

Pyaar ka vaada kataihi nahin maanga,
Na koi kasam, na saath janmon ka,
Abhi toh shuruvaat hai, kya hoga inse?
Bas thoda apnapan jataane ko kahaa.

Na hum tum jaane, na jaane yeh jaahaan,
Jo kal hoga woh kal dekha jaayega,
Aaj itna hi toh maanga tumse humne,
Jatao zara apni chaahat ka nazraana.

- © Haem Roy