Sep 21, 2014

The everyday lover's 'rhetoric'

Another prompt by a colleague, and another attempt at writing something. The word this time was 'rhetoric'. Vague, ambiguous and very intangible, I initially struggled with how I could interpret it. And then I wondered - rhetoric is used so often in love, in courtship, in trying to impress and in trying to woo. Every lover has rhetoric and I wrote about this everyday lover's rhetoric.

The everyday lover’s rhetoric

The sun gets belittled with just a glance,
The moon finds nowhere to hide in shame,
The flowers seem devoid of their colour.

As the lover hand picks his praises,
And the lady finds her rose-tinted pedestal,
As nature transfers its glory to the whispers they exchange.

Adoration, persuasion, flattery, worship,
Blindfolds, apprehensions, hopes, dreams,
Wishes like whiffs of perfume.

Days of haze, eyes glazed with illusions,
Fantasies and fairytales seeping through drop by drop,
Promises pressed into clay by jittery hands.

The words have done their part
The verses have played the allurer
And they flutter forth, heart to heart, hope to hope.

- Haem Roy
20th Sep 2014.