Jun 10, 2013

Some Old Poetry

Found these on an old blog. I was quite a fan of free verse!


A sharp knife you hold
Unknowingly, a threat more to the self
Invisible though it seems
solid it is, dangerous as it should be.
As you skip along
taking in the wind, imitating it
trying to lighten all else
blow away all the burdens.

unknowingly, as you went about
A gash in the atmosphere!

The knife has done its job,
made you unwelcome,
carved out a bias!

- Haem Roy. 19th September, 2006. 8:12 pm


Fantasy worlds
Kings have queens
A quest for rescue
Love blooming with the everlasting flowers
Colours splashing away evil
Imaginations running wild
Optimistic ends
I call these ‘happy dreams’.

But akin to a writer’s block
the dream-flow pipe gets clogged
you can sigh, get nostalgic,
remember the dreams that were,
wait for new ones to come
and revel in the joy of the gone;
‘cos though you wish for dreams more
Nightmares you want none
and are happy at the clogging
for you wont get carried away any more.

And such are the times
you look at the real
Distort, manipulate, add on
make smiling dreams
take them for illusion
or create one
from unreachable realities.
Momentary joys, forced excitement,
smiles that come, not linger.

It is the fun of taking joy
in a pseudo-dream,
when there’s nothing else to dream.

- Haem Roy. 23rd September, 2006. 7:34 pm.


A peep, a view
letting in a lot
allowing a lot of free flow.

Something hidden
without the boundaries
whats surrounding, the sight does not know.

An aberration to the walled interiors
a relief some say?
Whetting the desire
yet restricting,
an invitation
to gates that are closed tight
just letting the minds of within take flight.

- Haem Roy. 15th September, 2006. 2:04 am.