Sep 19, 2008

Paradise Now

Thanks to someone at my office, I got hold of a copy of Paradise Now, by award winning filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, a movie about two suicide bombers - Khaled and Said, in Palestine and an deep look at how they become what they become. It's their search for salvation, and their bitter realisation that they are just pawns in a larger plot. Extremely gripping, the movie is like a camera placed in life, and captures every emotion with such sensitivity that you can't help but get goosebumps. I can't comment about dialogues since I watched it with sub-titles, but I can say I didn't feel any lack of it. What I saw on screen compensated more than enough for it. What is even more interesting is this heart wrenching journey has hardly any shots of violence and still it just twists your insides. Extremely moving, very well shot and amazing performances, especially by Kais Nashif who plays Said.

Worth the awards, accolades and the Oscar nomination and definitely worth a watch or even owning it.

Sep 18, 2008

The political volleyball

I say, why don't they blast the whole country together and start over. That way, they will have their own votebank.

What exactly is the benefit of scare bombs all over the country, injuring some people and murdering the unfortunate few, I haven't yet comprehended. Maybe I am dumb, or maybe I am just not politically inclined. I was born without that mutation in my genes.

Blaming the whole episode on some perpetually constipated loser who couldn't figure out that he was being manipulated by the so called 'religion saviours' for their selfish power plays, and naming him the 'mastermind' terrorist reminds me of the scheming 70's villains and their sidekicks who had no other jobs than to plot such impossible blaming games! Have you even looked at the pictures of the 'terrorist' that is blamed? He just seems too meddled with his own life to even bother about saving his religion.

My view - its just the political parties who care a donkey's nail about anyone but themselves who plot these so that they can blame the ruling party for bad security, blame the opposition for facilitating violence, blame the religious groups for fanaticism, blame the atheists for misguiding the public, blame the moral brigade and blame the 'immorality inducers' and blame the masses for their confusion and indifference. All in all, they blame everyone but themselves for not electing them and not filling their pockets as much as they wish so that they can die in a gold trimmed suit and leave their spoilt children to fight over their illegal properties.

And its not that we choose the wrong people. I think there is some major scientifc advancement that we are unaware of. No matter how decent the person, the moment he/she comes in close vicinity of the seat of power, it's a transmogrification (the Harry Potter kinds) into a vicious, scheming, cunning, greedy and stupid funnel. (its the draining vessel!)

I truly endorse what Sir Douglas Adams *salute* has said in The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy about a planet of humans being ruled by lizards and they don't overthrow the tyranny cos they simply haven't thought of it. (To know more, go read the book. It's worth it).

And at this point I would like to quote a friend of mine:
"I prefer to be socially and politically ignorant. For as a smart (fictional) man said, I am plagued by the disease of being too intelligent (and hence aware of what a fuckall world we live in), and so to cure myself, I am posing as ignorant. And therefore, blissful!"

I second that.

Sep 11, 2008

Word power

Some years ago, I was an avid participant in many elocution competitions. I had many prizes to my credit too. But back then, no matter how much or how little I knew, I was still ignorant about the actual motive of a speech, or the power of one.

But just like you learn lessons in life when you are hit, you also know things slowly. Ever heard the 'I Have a Dream speech' by Martin Luther?

Or closer home, remember the speech J. Nehru gave as the clock struck midnight and India gained Independence?

There are many such examples - some that changed the world. Some that simply inspired you. It may have been your mother or your teacher saying something, that made a big difference. Words have that power, to move, to bring together. They throw Marx's theory back into his face and turn the 'simple masses' into an active force. Hitler may have been a tyrant, a cruel man, but no one denies that he was a master of words. He could bring life into every syllable and make it hypnotise every listener. And when you get that power, it is bound to get to you somehow, as it did with him!

And it's an unexplainable joy to play with words. And to be in a profession that demands that of you (though of course everything is not as hunky-dory since this is no fairytale).

A blogger has created a list of 13 most illuminating speeches in history. If you are keen to have some words smack you int he face, do have a look.

And I wish to make a recent addition to these - a speech J.K. Rowling gave at a graduation ceremony. May not be world changing, but it sure is inspiring:
J.K.Rowling's inspiring speech - part 1
Part 2
Part 3

If you have any additions or anecdotes, do drop them in.

I want to run away

I want to backpack...

Just pick a haversack, put in a few things, carry some money, a map and set out. Maybe decide the 1st location, only the 1st. And then go by the wind, or impulse. Explore the uninhabited, dine with the locals, hitchhike down roads, bathe in waterfalls and write by the stream. Breathe in the fresh air, read a story that the clouds draw, listen to the music that the little village boy with the flute composes... and sleep in a sleeping bag under the stars.

But... (there is always a fricking but), responsibilities, home... family to care for!

Ah well.. some day for sure. I know. And those wishing to join me are most welcome.

Sep 10, 2008

Straightforward or safe?

How well do you know yourself? Probably not at all. Maybe you are just someone with a big bloated head who thinks too much about himself (allow gender generalisations here). Ok, now that I have minutely poked your ego, let me get to the point.

I am not trying to be some sort of world hating prick. This is just something I concluded from years of interaction with people of all sorts. And it was nailed strongly just recently.

You make friends with someone. You believe they are nice. They are fun to hang out with. They say you are good friends, you think you are good friends. Then some doubt creeps into your mind. So you think, lets clear it. Since we are good friends, it would be better than keep it in your mind. After all, everyone likes straightforwardness right?


You just think you like that. When the doubt is voiced, your insides churn, your mind does a somersault and all the friendship sinks for the moment. "How could the friend even think that?" or "I that what you think? Fine, What's the point of having any contact now?" These are the thoughts that cross your mind probably. Why doesn't this thought come - "Oh well, now that I know, how do I clarify things?"

And then begin the string of events of anger, explanations, anger, sulking, awkwardness, discomfort, ego, etc etc etc. Friendship goes for a toss. And so do your belief that you can handle anything. Very obviously you can't!

This is not an incident that has happened once, or that has occurred only with me. The causes may be different, the doubts may be about the exact same pen or leaked information or hidden feelings - doesn't matter. The pattern is always the same. It is rare that I have seen anyone take things well. It's like a switch in them turns on and they transmogrify into jerks of the biggest order (let us mention, to save flying volleys, that probably I am one of them too!)

And whoosh, before you know it, the tornado vanishes leaving behind the wreck.

Now lets get to the other side. What if the doubt is not clarified? Then is it 'safe'?

I wish!

Then it starts a brand new family inside you, with a procession every two minutes. Oh and new babies every 5 minutes. It keeps growing until the population turns restless, jostling for space and turning everything else out. And there will be no peace - ever. (ok that's exaggerating but you get the point).

So then, which one do you choose? Would YOU rather be straightforward or safe? Or a better question would be - would you like people you know to be straightforward or safe?

Sep 8, 2008

Puppy dog face

Just a thought:

If I had a date in space among the stars, will I need to wear heels? Or will the gravity just make me look taller anyway!

Oh and the recent addition to my list of fetishes are shoes. Anyone wishing to donate some? *sparkling grin*

And an afterthought to the thought:
Farhan Akhtar is quite hot. And I somehow like his raspy voice. But well since I am not alone, I will have to do with some other curly-long-haired, guitar wielding, crazy minded, good-looking person.
Any suggestions?

Sep 6, 2008

The complex web of complexities

What if you suddenly realise you are introverted?

I did.

But well, not quite. I also realised I can get high on air and care a damn about the world around me, without any intoxication.

What do you call a heady mix of restlessness and caution?

What would you term a love of being around people blended with the inability to speak much when in a group?

What would you call being random at random moments and yet trying to bring some sense into the most erratic of thoughts?

Ah well... it can go on.

Going and confessing to one of your crushes on an impulse but still very shy around the next one - shy enough to veer away.

Or, enthusiasm and passion intertwined with procrastination and dreamy-eyed-ness (is that a word or am i making up words again?)

Too nice to be rude but to short tempered to keep calm all the time.

Radical and unpredictable, so much so that even your best friends get shocked at times. And yet, very hesitant to chat up a stranger or even call a stranger for work.

How complex can you get? I still don't know, cos I keep getting complex by the moment.
And did i mention, I love it!