Nov 29, 2015

What happens when...

What happens when your eyes catch mine, and mine smile back
When you watch me shuffling restlessly
What happens when I tug your shirt just a tiny bit
Or when I brush my fingers against yours
I wonder what you think when I let my gaze linger a tad longer... On purpose
I wonder how you feel when you catch me stealing glances
What happens when I strike conversation just so I can hear your soothing voice
Or the times when I fear the end of a conversation
What do you hear when I babble to cover the sound of my loudly beating heart
What happens when you find yourself next to me... Just me
What do you want when you break the silence slowly but never awkwardly
What gets you there when you somehow arrive at my grimmest moments, with instant laughter ready to go
What catches your attention when you are the most sought after, and your eyes find me for that moment
What happens when they lose me in the crowd right after
Do you feel the goosebumps I constantly try to hide around you
What happens when I fail to disguise

I wonder what happens when you see me every time 
I wonder what you think when you don't 

I wonder if I will ever find out.

- © Haem Roy
November 2015.

Nov 6, 2015

Of being ruined

The day I spotted you
Instantly drawn
Searing. Swallowing.
Ah that burning gaze of yours!

Words exchanged
The music began
Lilting. Swaying.
Ah you pied piper!

Mazes for the mind
Challenging ideas
Questioning. Learning.
Ah that riddling mind of yours!

Escape I must
Escape I can't
Trapped. Helpless. Doomed.
Ah this quicksand charm of yours!

Blazing from the inside out
Consumed whole
Surrendered. Fallen. Ruined.
Oh the forest fire you were!

- © Haem Roy
November 2015.