Jul 30, 2010


An open road is rare,
a crossroad is always encountered,
there's the choice blindly made
or maybe pondering for hours,
and then you choose the way.

A decision is like mist,
Always hanging in the air,
fogs your eyes, blurs your vision,
but you can't move it aside, you can't feel it there.
Try and grasp at it,
it'll run away,
try making sense of it,
and it'll evade you.

Let your eyes adjust,
feel it on your cheek,
Imagine the road ahead in your head,
and jump forward.
Only then will the mist clear out,
And reveal the truth beyond.



Alisha Thomas said...

Wow! Did you write this?

Not trying to be a creeper or anything, lol! I just came across your blog and really enjoyed reading what you wrote.

All the best!

Haem said...

Thanks Alisha. Really appreciate it. Do continue reading and giving your feedback :)