Feb 18, 2010


So well it all started off with some buzz about the world going 'digital' last year, and since then it seems like nothing can stop it. There came the influx of Facebooking and Twittering. Even clients slowly began to add 'online' in their list of deliverables. We had a 'talk' on digital as the way forward in office. And Shahrukh too started twittering. The Idea ad promoted phones to paper and iPad came along, and was talked about in the digital medium. I saw some amazing websites and then heard the talk by Pranav Mistry on Sixth Sense. And we had the 'pool in ideas' activity in office, this time on the digital medium. I too sit on the comp all day, type lines, write a blog, browse websites, create a bookshelf on Shelfari, read ebooks, etc, etc.

In all this, there is one more thing I realised. I MISS PAPER. I know it is all saving trees and all, but not like digital doesn't use any energy. I miss the feel of paper, i miss the fountain pens that feel so good to write with. Ebooks have come in, but I love the smell of fresh books and adding a new one to my physical shelf always makes me grin with glee. I still think I can write best when I am writing on paper. That is why I have a paper Thesaurus on my desk right beside my comp that has the digital one bookmarked. That is why I have pen holders that hold just that. That is why I always carry a pen and notepad in my bag.

'Cos I still think paper is irreplaceable.

Feb 10, 2010


It's tough to plan things. Mostly because when I plan, somehow it has to be jinxed. Plan a movie, no tickets. Plan meeting friends, they suddenly get busy. Plan to leave early, hey, there are artworks to be signed. There was a point when I had decided that I won't plan anymore and just go along with ad hoc decisions when they come up.

But that can't stick of course, cos that too is a plan. So plan I had to. This time it was planning W's bday. Madness describes it a little. Confusion completes what's left.

To start off, I needed a plan (obviously!). It had to be something possible since working days and Mumbai's far-away places make sure nothing can ever happen on time. So then I stuck to the old trick of 24 gifts for the 24th bday. There plan's settled. Now starts the trouble.

It's stupid to pile a bag with all 24 gifts in front of his face, all at once. If the plan was to be executed, it had to reach him in installments. But how? Only 4 days left. So Haem calls his 4 best friends and ropes them in. They can get some gifts, I get some and then I add in some little stuff to add to 24. Done.


I had to figure out what gifts, so that nothing is repeated. I had to number gifts so that we reach the figure. I had to tell people to courier some gifts to his office and then get his house address and use that as the sender's address so that he doesn't find out. Some I had bought earlier just like that. I had to rush out during office hours to shop for the rest of the gifts and then get late to office cos I had to shop for the little add-ons. And the having enough cash for everything part also.(I am still an underpaid writer. Anyone wish to offer me a freelance job? :P)

And then there was the job of planting some gifts at his home. So then I fixed a plan with his friend where I call him out and she goes and gives the bag to his mother (yes, she was in it too). But that didn't happen. So I had to call him out. And hide behind a tree while he exited his building (yes yes I did that!). And run up the stairs. And hand the bag to his mother and run back down. And ask him to stand at a spot where he can't spot me coming out of his building. And run back out to meet him. And of course avoid questions about being late, being tired, being secretive, etc etc.


All over? Nope. There was also the calling a friend at his office to ask him to arrange for a bouquet and place it at his desk, without him knowing it. (Thank you Pathare!) There was the numbering of all presents and co-ordinating with the friends who were also adding to the 24, and then making sure it reaches 24.

Finally, it was over. Did something go wrong. Yes, a little. Can't do without that. But then, the main objective was fulfilled - of making him happy, surprised and giving him a birthday to remember. He was delighted today. And that's all I wanted.

Happy Birthday W.

Feb 5, 2010

Mamma, I'm on TV!

Was watching parts of Rahul Mahajan's swayamvar yesterday (can't get myself to sit through one whole episode. Need to switch channels at intervals to retain sanity).

And that got me wondering. People really wanna parade themselves on television? Many shows like that and the advent of reality Tv has often got me to think that. Why exactly would someone wanna showcase their stupidity to the world and make a fool of themselves? I never understood.

These women know they are being filmed. They also would know that every wrong thing would definitely be made worse and shown, and the right things would probably get edited. They know that such a marriage lasting is a far fetch (or so I think). So why?

Watch the people on the singing and dancing reality shows, watch the delighted souls jumping around in random shows and you will understand what I am saying. Is the pleasure of being on Television really worth that? I don't know. What do you think?