Oct 8, 2009

The hippie at heart

I strongly believe I was born at the wrong time. No, I wasn't born way ahead of my time, I was born way after it actually.

I think I belong to the 70's. Really.

The hippie age. The flowers, the madness, the free spirit, the loud junkies - it's all there in me. I love to dress like a hippie. I am as eccentric as one (or so I have been told). I refuse to bow down to rules like one, and I love randomness. It just seems right to have been born in that age. Yeh ok, I don't like their haircuts, but then again, if I were born then, I would have liked it.

And to top it all off, all the ideas I have for ads come back to me with 'This has already been done and it won ____ and _____'. So my ideas also belong back then!

At least if I were born in the 70's, it would be less of hearing 'This has been done before'. :D

Oct 2, 2009

Movies take from life, Life takes from movies

Since the inception of cinema, filmmakers have always been fascinated with one concept- love. They can never get tired of courting and romance, undying and unconditional love and victory of love over evil. Romance is this Yash Chopra's tulip field and walking in the moonlight, and life always gets the scope of 'happily ever after' only after you find the 'one'.


This utopia had been built from human minds, probably from experiences, expectations, imaginations. Slight exaggerations initially, and then the butterfly
effect- masala upon masala upon spicy dreamy masala. Movies took from life and put them up on the larger than life screen to share it with more lives.

And it all began right then. In the 50's. When movies began to show lives and how they should be.

Since then, romance remains the walk in the moonlight, stealing glances at each other, chasing each other playfully and what not. In people's minds, and expectations.

And now, the wheel has turned. Now movies define life. You look at Shahrukh or Salman or Richard Gere or James Marsden (27 dresses, my fav :D ) figuring out new ways to impress the girl and you want that to happen to you. You see them running around New York or Bombay with flowers and you dream of the same, and get disappointed if that doesn't happen.

I have seen many girls (and guys too) follow movies and live in utopia. I have seen the signs of the movies followed by the disappointment of real life.

That is when a question arose in my mind. As happy as the movies make us, if they make us hate our life, are they actually worth it?