Mar 29, 2008

Conditions for unconditionality

I have been pondering (as usual)...
and this time I thought what exactly do we mean by unconditional. Is it just a Utopian term or does something like unconditional really exist. In a world where humans live, it is highly unlikely for the concept to ripen and prosper. Cos as we all know, human beings are greedy animals, selfish animals and if not for some of these vices that we call emotions, we would be nothing more than statues.

But returning 2 the topic, is it possible to give anything unconditionally? It always puzzles me when the world says love unconditionally, sacrifice unconditionally... somehow my opinion has always been that it is just theoretical. Consciously or not, we always end up forming some conditions in our mind. They may take the form of rules, ethics, good behaviour or anything else... but they are there.

When you have great friends with someone, it is important for that person to be friends with you too, to acknowledge your friendship. Imagine a situation where you say X is your best friend but X does not even consider you a friend. Will that make you think about retracting your beliefs or will you still consider X as a best friend? It is always a give and take. The proportion of the two may not be defined. But it is never one-sided. You expect the other person to behave nicely with you at the least. and even that expectation is a condition.

In fact, taking this a step ahead, i think that our closest bonds are with people where there are loads of conditions. The glue is not the lack of conditions, but the fact that the existence of them is not any obstruction. The conditions just make everything stronger. You will love you partner more if he or she treats you well, pampers you, and takes care of you. These are conditions but they only serve to make the relationship better.

Love but not unconditionally I say. Be nice not foolish. And while you lay the conditions, fulfill conditions other people lay!And everyone will be happier.

Oh just to add... this MAY bring world peace too! ;)