Dec 23, 2011


This entire week, we had Secret Santa in office. The office was filled with the Christmas spirit, as people continued to give and receive presents. Knick-knacks, food, accessories, jewellery, utilities, books, what nots. It was not the price tag that mattered, it was the spirit of giving, the feeling. It was the note that came with the gift that was often more treasured.

As you watch this happen, you cannot help but feel the happiness and joy. That is why I love Christmas. I love walking around all day in office, on the streets, even at home, with a Santa hat - even if I am the only one. I love smiling randomly and spreading the smile around. It's nice.

Another great thing that Radio Mirchi did this year was the Santa Cause initiative. The team worked really hard to spread some joy to those who really need it. People were asked to donate new toys, which are then going to be given to the suffering children at the Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital. Many gave generously, and the RJs tell me how they are simply waiting to see the faces of those kids light up. See what was collected:!/MeeMeera/status/150160695160348673/photo/1!/MeeMeera/status/150163098022576128/photo/1

Have you have felt this joy of giving? I remember the time when I did Project Care with underprivileged kids, or when I would give food to some kids on the street, or when I would simply sit and chat with some kid selling stuff on the road. Try it this Christmas. And if you don't feel the spirit, this will surely bring it back and take right to your heart!

Merry Christmas in advance to everyone!

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