Oct 31, 2011

For the 'litter' in me

I miss my Literature classes. I miss the obnoxious sounding 'arty' discussions, the dissecting books and movies, the critiques, the words and their magic, the losing oneself in imaginary worlds, sitting in the library for hours, watching movies no one would ever watch except in lectures or at film festivals, and so much more.

I have lost that since I started working. My books are my solace.

Here is something that, if I get the chance to attend, will take me back to that world for a while - The Mumbai Litfest.

Anyone interested in giving me company?

Here is the website: http://litlive.in/

And the schedule: http://litlive.in/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Tata-Lit-Live-Schedule-29-Oct-2011-A4.pdf

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