Feb 11, 2011

Office Office

It's a new office and a new place for me. The job profile has changed slightly. The people have changed entirely. But of course, there are some things that never change.

Every office has certain characters that are very very standard. They are a staple in a medium to large sized office environment, and every office is incomplete without these characters.
  • There is the moody and broody Finance guy. He releases your salary, and more often than not, it seems that he takes that personally. He seems to be PMSing at the end of every month, mourning the loss of cash, and every new employee is like a stab for him. His high is not alcohol, but profits. And what a high!
  • Then there is the office 'chamia'. Everyone loves to love her. And she loves the attention. She is the looker, she is the reason why people don't mind dragging themselves to work every morning. One smile, and the day is set. And she is what they talk about when they are drunk with office mates.
  • There is of course, the poor, hard worker. He may be the trainee, or he may be a regular exec. But he will work harder than all of them put together. He is the one you will see in office after everyone has left and before everyone is in. And he will quietly go about doing every task and more.
  • Tyrannical bosses cannot be missed out. They run about, they scream, and they are the topic of frustration-venting-discussions. Sleepless nights were a gift from them. And their backs are the best places to exchange glances. They will blame everyone in the world. And everyone will love to blame them.
  • The office jesters, who prance about, crack bad jokes, lighten the mood and love everyone. They smile, and get smiles, they make trips fun, and they are always invited to everything.
  • The star - who will hog attention, and want it. The star - who is sometimes arrogant, and talks only to select people. Who knows he/she is good, and never fails to show that.
  • The silent star. This is the real star. But will never show it. he/she will quietly go about working. But the day he/she is on leave, that is when chaos comes to earth and the star is valued.
I am sure there will be more. These are those I noticed. Feel free to add more if you can think of them.


Vikas Chandra said...

hahahahaha cool one..
loved the PMSing finance guy and the office chhamia..

which one are u - the star or the silent star?

whirlwind said...

the evil tattler- who seems to make it their full time job to see that everyone else fails, and that the boss knows for sure every single sneeze and fart that took place in their absence.