Dec 14, 2010


I love winter. I agree that the little brushes of cool wind we have here in Bombay are not considered as winter by most, but I like to call it that.

It is the only time of the year when I abandon my shorts at home and walk around in my bro's old tee (which is huge for me and I love that) and long pants. It is the only time when I am walking around the house switching off all fans. And when I can wear long sleeves at 3 in the afternoon without thinking twice. I don't have to worry about heat headaches that I often get, or sweatiness.

It's beautiful to feel the cool air brush against your skin, and take you to a dreamland. It's beautiful to feel the sun warm you just enough and not scorch you. It is beautiful to rub your hands together and then warm them against a bonfire maybe. It's beautiful to breathe in and actually feel the cold air rush through your insides. It's beautiful to wake up to a cool morning and clutch your quilt even tighter for a small nap again. It's beautiful to run and not feel sweaty, but feel a warmth that is actually welcome. Of course, it is beautiful to get a nice warm hug from anyone who gives good hugs. Somehow, hugs are always better in winter. They make you happier.

I mean I love the rains yes. But I won't tolerate them throughout the year. But this sort of winter, I will take it any day.

For me, it's the time when fairytales seem real. It's when even though the real world Christmas here may not be as exciting, the idea of Christmas just seems to brighten you up. Winter is the time for nostalgia before the year ends, and new hopes for something ahead. New energy, that is powered by the cool rush you get. It's cosy, it's fresher, it's more homely.

It is like the world has cooled down its temper so that it can let you feel better too. And I say, bring it on because I am ready to feel good already!

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Saloni said...

Very well written haem, dinno u were such a talented writer too!!! Now I am missing winter...n yeah ure right frnds n i call it the outgoing month :p