Dec 3, 2010

When I have a kid

You know, sometimes I wonder, what will the world be like when I have kids? What will it be like to be a parent in this century?

Imagine the weather, the global warming and environment.

Add to that the internet, television and media exposure that is taking the childhood away from so many kids.

The lack of space which means fewer playgrounds, practically no lawns and very few open areas.

The world growing smarter, which means more stress, more competition, more pressure and more burden. Livelihood becomes even more difficult to earn, and average is just not enough.

And speaking of competition, there is something else that has become an issue of concern these days. SCHOOLING.

Now my mother runs a playschool. So, she is at the beginning of that merry-go-round that parents have to run after. She is in touch with the happenings of the world that I have left behind 8 years ago. And yesterday, that world had another thunderstorm. Admissions.

Parents are running hamper scamper to secure admissions for their children in a good school. Those being rare, the results are heavy unaffordable donations, rigorous interviews of 3 year olds (yes, 3 year olds!), a train rush outside school gates and constant worrying for the parents. There are wait lists for schools from the moment your child is born, and admission is still not guaranteed. If your child is not a bookworm or a geek, or a sports genius, the chances of the poor brat getting through are slim. Average is just trash these days, to put it bluntly.

Today, School X is giving out admission forms from 8 in the morning. To prevent the accusations of making money by giving out too many forms and having only a few seats, the Principal decided she is only going to distribute a limited number of forms. That was hurdle no. 1. That meant that parents had to fight, run, kill and slaughter to just get their hands on the admissions forms, before the interview process began.

That resulted in hurdle no. 2. Panic and desperation. Some parents had god-knows-what epiphany and formed a line outside the gates of the school last night since 8 pm. I am not kidding, 8 pm! When my mother found out at 10 pm, there were more than a 100 parents already in line outside the school as word had travelled quickly. She too informed her students who ran, with blankets, tea and more to camp outside the school. And let me repeat, forms were to be given out at 8 am the next day! 

That really shocked me. I mean, what did the person who came first and formed the line even think? 150 forms and 200 people already in line before midnight. And my mother recalled that it was a similar rush last year too, albeit not so fierce. A few ladies, 7 months pregnant, stood in line for 5 hours (that would be since 3 am!) and did not get the forms in the end. 

All this makes me think, with so much madness in this world already, what is the future? Maybe home schooling eh?

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