Aug 16, 2010

My Independence... or is it?

On the eve on independence day, I quit my job. On impulse. I didn't like it there. I was bored, I was frustrated and everyday was a test of my patience. So one day I stopped taking the test and quit. Some called it a rash decision, but again, I am the kind of person who cannot be at a place if I feel like I am doing nothing there. I wasn't growing, I wasn't learning, I wasn't doing anything worthwhile. It was all just a big black hole, where I kept getting more and more confused. In fact, it even had me doubting my career choice. I pulled myself together and then demanded my independence.

But that is where the idealistic tale ends. I am 23. And I have quit my job. I am not sure about my career choice. And I have told myself to give myself a chance at something else before jumping back into advertising. I have many passions, I have many things I like. But how do you know if what you like and what you are good at can translate into what you do for a living? How do I know which is the best combination of like and skill for me?

I love to travel and I love to write (and I don't suck at either), so travel writing is an option. But again that's a field that many dream about, one of those utopian careers for most.

I have been told I have a good voice, and I have found Voiceovers as an interesting medium. Again, I have no idea how to start with it or whom to go. It is one of those word-of-mouth fields that works on contacts.

I like brands and communication. I like to plan things and organise. I know I can be very good at managing brands and their communication. I know what is required, I am passionate about it, and focussed. So that's another option I have, if someone will take me.

I love a lot of other things. And I am not bad at them either. But what out of these works as a career. What out of these will give me money? It's a decision I have to make. Maybe I need to jump into something, maybe not. I don't know. But what I do know is that now is the time. Now is when I can take that risk. Because if I fail, I won't drown at least.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of fulfilling another idealistic wish. A break and a vacation. Maybe a nice trip. Maybe a course in something that makes me happy. Maybe sitting at home with some coffee and mindless TV. Things that are rarely possible. But, what the hell! Why not? After all, Independence should always be happy.

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