Feb 5, 2010

Mamma, I'm on TV!

Was watching parts of Rahul Mahajan's swayamvar yesterday (can't get myself to sit through one whole episode. Need to switch channels at intervals to retain sanity).

And that got me wondering. People really wanna parade themselves on television? Many shows like that and the advent of reality Tv has often got me to think that. Why exactly would someone wanna showcase their stupidity to the world and make a fool of themselves? I never understood.

These women know they are being filmed. They also would know that every wrong thing would definitely be made worse and shown, and the right things would probably get edited. They know that such a marriage lasting is a far fetch (or so I think). So why?

Watch the people on the singing and dancing reality shows, watch the delighted souls jumping around in random shows and you will understand what I am saying. Is the pleasure of being on Television really worth that? I don't know. What do you think?

1 comment:

mads said...

arre, it sure is.
it's like those models featuring in khujli lotion ads.
and like those guys waving when news crew talks to janta.
anything to be seen on tv.