Feb 18, 2010


So well it all started off with some buzz about the world going 'digital' last year, and since then it seems like nothing can stop it. There came the influx of Facebooking and Twittering. Even clients slowly began to add 'online' in their list of deliverables. We had a 'talk' on digital as the way forward in office. And Shahrukh too started twittering. The Idea ad promoted phones to paper and iPad came along, and was talked about in the digital medium. I saw some amazing websites and then heard the talk by Pranav Mistry on Sixth Sense. And we had the 'pool in ideas' activity in office, this time on the digital medium. I too sit on the comp all day, type lines, write a blog, browse websites, create a bookshelf on Shelfari, read ebooks, etc, etc.

In all this, there is one more thing I realised. I MISS PAPER. I know it is all saving trees and all, but not like digital doesn't use any energy. I miss the feel of paper, i miss the fountain pens that feel so good to write with. Ebooks have come in, but I love the smell of fresh books and adding a new one to my physical shelf always makes me grin with glee. I still think I can write best when I am writing on paper. That is why I have a paper Thesaurus on my desk right beside my comp that has the digital one bookmarked. That is why I have pen holders that hold just that. That is why I always carry a pen and notepad in my bag.

'Cos I still think paper is irreplaceable.


Anonymous said...

Amiable dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

chinnu said...

i truly agree papers are irreplaceable