Dec 18, 2009

My critic avatar

I saw Avatar recently, and I came out with mixed reactions. The much awaited movie was both much more and much less than what I expected. And I realised, I mostly had one line reactions to it:

- Effects 10 yrs ahead of their time, and a story 10 yrs behind its time gives a movie that lies in the present.

- Before I could say How, all I could say was Wow!

- The movie lover in me was stunned by the level of filmmaking. The critic in me cried out for some story at least.

- This movie defines our present state: Humans are the villains, we sympathize more with aliens than with our planet, we are always out to take what is not ours, destruction is just a daily norm and heroes or miracles are just fantastical.

- Sci-fi is just human stories and love tales told through blue or green bodies.

- Filmmakers take ten years to make a movie that shows trees falling down and nature being destroyed through special effects, and the world beats them at doing so in real time.

I will keep adding to the list as and when I come up with more. And you are welcome to add on.

P.S: A friend who accompanied me claimed that the aliens were copies from our Lord Krishna who was also blue skinned, and the name Avatar proves it. This is her theory. What's yours?

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Gaurav D said...

It is true. Cameron considered Avatar in its true meaning in Hinduism (,8599,1576622,00.html#ixzz0a69HUhNB)