Sep 7, 2009

Etiquettes at theatres and theatres

Theatre- technically it means that magical place where a bunch of individuals enact a story right before to take you to another world. Colloquially, it is the magical place where a story with song and dance is weaved and recorded and played to you again and again and again.

And I have encountered both these last week, with varied experiences.

At the Prithvi theatre, I went to watch Confessions- a play about stories, murders, abuse, psychology and a lot more disturbing things. Long as the play was (2 and a half hrs!), it never felt that long. But the best part was in the second half, when there was a sudden power cut. The entire place was enveloped in darkness and it was utter silence. I can actually imagine the panic that the actors must have felt. And then as we are wondering, out of the black we hear the voice of one of the actors addressing the other 'Do you want me to continue? This may take a while. It happens here often.' And the play continued.

For a moment there, I thought this must be a part of the play. But then I saw many members of the audience switch on their phones and use that light to illuminate the stage. It was some sight as the play went on. And for once, none of the cast members would o a shoe at the audience for switching on their mobile phones.

The other theatre was a movie hall where I went to watch Quick Gun Murugan. No, I am not posting a review of the movie. If you want one, ask me and I will send you one individually.

When you go to a movie hall, the security checks make sure everything is in order, and well scanned. But they miss out one crucial thing- your feet.

No no, I am not talking about whether you have smuggled bombs and popcorn inside. I was nicely watching the movie, and suddenly I smell something wierd. Funny, I think. I assumed they cleant the movie halls regularly. It must be the guy next to me. Thinking so, I tilt a little in the opposite direction.

The stink though remains. That is when I realise, Dude... its not the person next to me, its the one BEHIND me. Yes, his/her feet were stinking. And in a movie hall, with the seating on steps, you can't even escape. I don't know how accepting it is to just get up and point out to a person that their feet stinks and would they please keep it to themselves, but I had half a mind to do so. They were distracting me from the bullets cutting into two and the yellow-orange-green-pink cowboy outfit of Murugan!

But unfortunately I never got to find out how the person would react to being told his feet stinks, as my friend, for fear of being embarassed by a wincing nosed me, dragged me away to another seat.

Well, that was one etiquette broken and one desperately needed to be followed at a theatre and a theatre.


Vikas Chandra said...

haha so u also a victim of stinking feet!!i can only give u is my sympathy as I myself have been a victim of this and was shy enough to ask the not-so-gentle man to wear his shoe back.

anyways send me the review of quick gun murugan personally!!

Divyesh. said...

Awww...too bad about the stinky feet ya...but yes, worse things can happen...but I am still optimistic about life...frankly because of you and the other lovely members of our audience that night, for Confessions...I am glad we managed to engage you, and I am gladder still, that You encouraged us to go on...again, Thanks, if I haven't said it enough already :)

Haem said...

QGM - great movie. You know it is mindless, and the best part is the filmmakers know it is mindless and don't attempt to pose as otherwise. It just lets loose all the madness with stunt-performing bullets, jarring clothes, the dramatised dialogues and what not. There is a spoof on many things, n the film managed to laugh at itself too. Some may think it is no different from many south indian movies, but then again, here all this is done with the intent of being funny.