Aug 14, 2009

In a hurry

I always seem to be in a hurry for everything. I just can't wait.

I was in a hurry to be born and came a month early. I started talking really really early, cos I couldn't wait to explore speech.

I was made to start school earlier than the rest, the result being I have always been a year younger than almost everyone in my class.

And this impatience has followed me everywhere.

It has resulted in a constant need to stay busy. And mind you, not with the same thing. The impatience has also brought with it quick boredom as a package deal, which means that I need to keep doing many things- constantly. I need to drown myself in a surge of activities.

As much as I crave for free time, the moment I get it, I start looking for something to do. Activity just makes me happy.

The impatience also shows itself with people. Have you ever gotten bored with people? I do. Regularly. In a way, maybe it is like a 2 year old, whose attention span is limited to a mere few seconds. In order to sustain the attention, something really interesting has to come up.

This is also the reason why I keep inventing excitement for myself. I turn even the smallest thing into something to look forward to in my head, and that preoccupies me. I try and extract meanings out of nothing, just so that I have something to be enthusiastic about.

Is that good? Maybe not. But sometimes yes. At least, my adrenalin continues to rush at the pace I want it to, even if it is due to something not entirely factual.

The point of this post? I don't know. I needed something to do.

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chinnu said...

no u wer not the youngest in class.....u r april 1987