May 18, 2009

Young is as young sees

The youngest democracy in the country is now shedding its white hair. And boy am I glad! For the first time in 22 years, I am interested in politics. I am hooked onto news channels, and I am reading every single political section of every single newspaper I can get my hands on.

The action in Delhi has my heartbeat racing, and I can find myself with an opinion, a voice, for the first time. I am critiquing, I am supporting, I am turning into an active citizen.

What is it that has made me change my interests?

To say the truth, I don't know. I can tell you though what I did like.

A prospective young cabinet for this young democracy. The reigns of the country are in hands that yet plagued with arthritis, heart attack, etc etc.

A 38 year old scion of the royal family of Indian politics taking huge decisions, emerging victorious at them, travelling 87,000 kms in the Indian heat instead of TV advertisements to make himself known to the masses, being humble enough to say someone else should be PM, and being determined enough to insist on having his way with the redundant politicians...

Other young leaders supporting this spirit rather than turning it into a war against personal ambition. The likes of Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot supporting Rahul's initiative and bestowing full confidence.

The people of the country believing in this rather than sticking with parties that still promote religious fanaticism and engage in propaganda that divides the nation into tiny fragments. The people have finally begun to use a mind of their own rather than let the leaders think for them.

Maybe the country is going to witness a different era. Maybe I am just being too optimistic. There is definitely a flipside and I know about it. But what is different is that I simply don't feel like playing devil's advocate right now. I just feel elated at this change of things, and it makes me feel that we have hope now. I feel like casting my vote, cos now I feel that my vote does count... WILL count.

I feel empowered. More than ever.

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mads said...

maybe you should consider taking the plunge yourself, young haem!