May 1, 2009

the fight for survival will end

The world is suffering from bombing, wars, terrorism, propaganda, insensitivity and swine flus.

But I recently chanced upon the worst of all these that is sure to bring the world to its ultimate doom.

The loss of innocence.

We had a still shoot in office for a certain ad. And models were being auditioned for the same. This is something told to me by a colleague.

A kid was being auditioned. And he was spoken to as we would with any four year old. He answers back as would a 16 year old! Talking about being a 'professional' and with no hint of the cute innocence that you crave for returning to after you grow up. What will these kids want to go back to once they grow up?

The world has started withering at birth. And the fight for survival has reached its peak. It's gone from killing of bodies to the killing of souls. The killing of living, and of enjoying life. Now I think the cycle will get over as the fight destroys it all and it begins from the beginning again.

I await the beginning of life. I await going back to being a single cell.

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