Mar 6, 2009


Well I have lots of guys say they don't gossip. And then I have known and experienced most of them gossip to no end. And then they say, why should we gossip? We have better things to do. So well, because I don't have anything better to do, here are a few reasons, why guys are better gossipers than girls:

  1. Hey, if underwear can be shared, why not ‘information’!
  2. Active imaginations and forgetfulness are the markers of a genius. So who can blame them if they allow their imagination to run on facts and then forget the actual ‘information’ along the way?
  3. The stomach should be used for storing food not ‘information’. If any ‘information’ enters, immediately evacuate it to make way for more food.
  4. It’s just a technique to avoid another World War. If everyone knows everything, there will be no secrets, and hence no secret weapons of mass destruction. Right?
  5. The policy: Say it all when you are sober, so that you don’t have anything to blurt when you are drunk.
  6. The world is too boring. Distractions are necessary. And if there is an interesting distraction somewhere, let everyone benefit from it.
  7. Live in the present. Why imagine what happens in the future when you can sit with a smoke and a beer at the beach now! What can such ‘minor information’ do to the future anyway?
  8. There is no jealousy, no your-shoes-are-better-than-mine, or your-assests-are-better-than-mine between them. All ‘information’ is therefore equal, and everyone has a right to it.
  9. An attempt at serving the society. It’s important to stand united and educate one and all. The aim is to achieve 100 % literacy.
  10. Girls are too busy thinking of ten reasons for everything. So the guys have decided to carry on the mantle.

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