Mar 30, 2009

The balance

I was lying in bed yesterday, trying hard to fall asleep, when the play on lights on my ceiling lit up certain thoughts in my mind. It had been a tiring day, shopping and having some mad fun with friends. And then coming home to find my cousins and uncle there, waiting for me. Some family time followed. And when I later speculated, it seemed like two different worlds for me.

On one hand was my mad gang, English speaking, totally modern, always up to some craziness and with their own worldview that would be constantly discussed, debated and thrown on the table.

On the other hand was my typically Gujju family, thats no less when it comes to zest and fun and madness. But it is madness of a different kind. It's more constrained.

Both have warmth, but of a different kind.

And I realised somehow that was one of the better days of my life. A day that I enjoyed. And it was not bcos of any special thing I did, or anything different that happened. It was simply cos I managed to have 'balanced fun'. I experienced two different lives in one day, and I realised I need them both. Taking any one of them from me would leave me restless.

We all are on a constant quest for balance in life. On all fronts. We seek it in every sphere, and everything we do.

And I found a balance in that day. Correction: I found THE balance in that day.


mads said...

glad you did.
next time, switch off the lights.

Haem said...

ha ha, the lights WERE off Mads. In my room the streetlights and moonlight seep through the curtains to 'dance' on the ceiling. I love it...