Feb 25, 2009

Verbal Obfuscations

I may be no activist or Gandhivadi. Of course I have lied in my lifetime. But, one thing I do believe in, is speaking your mind.

First lemme straighten things. By speaking up I do not mean go out and proclaim your love for Communism in America, or walk into the Sena office and deliver a speech in Bhojpuri. When I say speak up, I mean be straightforward.

In the easiest sense, this is to avoid all hypocrisy, double facetedness, and speculation. I am a believer of 'a spade is a spade and lets make it clear that its a spade'.

But then, if I believe it, doesn't mean the world should eh? I am not Hitler or Bin Laden.

Now getting to some aftereffects. It's like one big capsule. You have to have the courage to swallow it, it may be bitter, it may not taste anything at all, but in the end it will mostly cure. It may have side effects too.

Side-effects: People not being used to straightforwardness take it in the wrong sense. I have had people suddenly change their behaviour towards me and become rude and arrogant. I simply believe, these are people who can't handle the truth. They don't appreciate frank attitudes and would rather have someone bitching behind their back than in front of it.

It may also get you into trouble. But what the hell!

Cure: You don't have the burden of hiding something all the time. What is, is out there.

It's lighter to travel through life with less of this burden I believe. You are more free, more worried about your life rather than trivial, unimportant things. And most important, you know people like you for who you are, and not for something you seem to be.


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