Feb 16, 2009

What's wrong with Vanity?

So, lets get this straight. We come alone in this world (unless you are one half of a twin, or multiples of that), and we die alone. That's cliched.

What is not cliched is the fact that we live alone. Yes yes, we are around people all the time and relationships are the most important part of our life, etc. But relationships are not life. People are temporary. Your life is what you live... alone.

So if that is the case, what is wrong when you think about yourself? What is wrong in you making yourself happy, or you talking about how you feel, or you expressing your opinion? Hell, if you won't, who will?

I always believe, the only person who cares the most about you is you alone. So why stop? Why deprive yourself of the love that you deserve? Yeh sure, I do love others. I love my friends, family and all, but I don't discount myself.

Yes I am vain. I won't hesitate in saying that. Cos well, I do love myself a lot. After all, how long can you live with someone you don't love to death?

Anyone has a problem with that? Maybe you never loved yourself enough then.


Sally said...

"After all, how long can you live with someone you don't love to death?"

My god... Deja Vu. I have felt this before or read this before somewhere... I know how you feel.. I know whats on your mind!!
That is such a profound statement

mads said...


Haem said...

thank you both of you :)