Feb 16, 2009

Things and your mind

My most recent discovery:
Getting your mind off things is not the same as getting things off your mind.

We are usually good at just one of these two. It's simple logic. If you can get things off your mind, you wouldn't feel the need for the former. And if you are indulging in the former, well, that's just because the latter is not happening.

To get things off your mind, you need to achieve a certain level of detachment - somewhat like achieving Nirvana I say. You have to 'rise above the earthly' and realise that the particular 'thing' is not that important. Considering you have your entire mind focused on that one 'thing', this can be a bit of a problem of course.

The first one obviously is easier (Proving why I usually end up using that). Read books, tell yourself you have become fat and go to the gym, blow your phone bills, drown in work and then drown with stress, write mindless blog posts, etc etc.

What's my point here?
I was just writing a mindless post to get my mind of something :)

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