Feb 14, 2009

A few (read: many) uncanny things that will make you wonder how quirky (or jobless) I am

(Read at your own risk. My advice: skip this post)

1) I don't like biscuits. The only ones I can eat are Pure Magic chocolate and Monaco. I am not very fond of bread either.

2) I get bored of anything and everything very very easily. This also includes people. Sustaining my interest is tough. Which is why I get restless so often.

3) I wanna learn to ride a bike.

4) One of my biggest dream is to go backpacking all over the world. With minimal luxuries, living in the wild and exploring. Maybe on a bike. And scuba dive, and river-rafting, and mountain climbing. And I believe some day I will.

5) I love being a drama queen. Strangely, it makes me feel like i am free somehow.

6) I secretly wish I was acting in theatre. But I get weak in the knees at auditions. I have also secretly wished I had learnt contemporary and Latin dance. :)

7) I will go to jail for mass murder if I try to sing in public.

8) I like collecting books, movies and music. Wait, make that LOVE collecting.

9) I make very good coffee. And experimental food.

10) No male is allowed in my bathroom, not even my brother. I can sense it if he has even stepped into it. I can't stand a dirty bathroom.

11) I can be quite an organisational freak at times. I have to keep things in order, make lists, etc. But again, I can be quite messy at times also. (check my cupboard for proof).

12) I talk to plants, animals, myself, everything. I once tried talking to snail. But it crawled away.

13) I love water - the sea, the rain, swimming. And the breeze by the sea. I can walk/sit/stare by the sea for hours without saying a word.

14) I have got the weirdest compliments from people. One guy once commented - 'you have a very bright back'!

15) I love saying PREPOSTEROUS with a Brit accent. I break into accents or voices while talking to people generally. For no reason.

16) I have been the eldest in the family and youngest outside of the house, wherever. This is one of the causes for my split personality.

17) I like writing little notes to friends now and then. Saying thank you's or anything I feel.

18) I sometimes wish I could be mean.

19) I don't like blonde men. I prefer Latinos. They look really hot I think.

20) On the menu, I'll always look for the item with the most vegetables in it.

21) I can get very very shy at social events and parties.

22) If you call me when I am asleep, I will talk to you, but never remember the conversation the next day.

23) I love babies and kids. Be it animal or human. I have had half hr long conversations with street kids and beggar kids in the train.

24) I sing and dance for myself when I am alone.

25) I like the way it feels in high heels. After 2 hrs though, my feet don't support that feeling.

26) I have laughed continuously for 10 mins without knowing the reason.

27) I am very impulsive. Which is why I get a lot of afterthoughts. I may probably think of 35 better things about myself AFTER i publish this note. But I can also get unbearably practical at times.

28) I write better in verse than in prose. And i love metaphors and analogies.

29) I am a movie buff. But I can't watch horror movies. No matter how lame.

30) I love surprises. Though I haven't ever got one.

31) I love my first name. And I absolutely HATE it if someone calls me Hemlata. Though I love the way it confuses people.

32) I am very secretive, especially when it comes to what I am thinking or feeling. There is probably a side to me which even my closest friends don't know.

33) But I always prefer to speak my mind about what I think of someone. If I am angry with someone, like someone or dont like someone, etc, I will let that person know.

34) I like coloured pens. I used to write all my notes in different colours.

35) I always wished I could play volleyball and basketball. And regret that my school never had any of these.

36) I have a chatpata tooth. At least once a day I get a BAD craving for something chatpata. I don't like sweets that much. I will pick Pineapple cake to chocolate cake anyday.

37) As much as I say I hate too much mush, I am a total softie inside. Gimme flowers and I will sigh to no end. I am a total romantic at heart.

38) I have strange tastes with men. I run away from lovestruck puppies, and mysterious guys will always intrigue me.

39) I love my independence, and I will fight to defend it always. But I also like chivalry.

40) I dream that someday, someone loves me so much that he protects me not cos I need it, but he wants to. As much a tomboy I am, I know I will turn into a total girly girl then.

41) I can't paint my nails. I try, and have to sit with nail remover by my side, always.

42) I hate pigeons. They are stupid, silly and full of shit!

43) I find jeans a very uncomfortable piece of clothing. I'd pick skirts and Chudidars anyday.

44) I get angry very fast and cool down very fast. But if someone has really hurt me, I won't get angry. I will just stop talking to the person forever. And I have actually done that.

45) I love bright colours. To no end. My least favourite colours would be greys, mehndi green and browns. And I can never have too much of white.

46) I have a thing for men with slightly long hair. Better still, curly.

47) I have a mad shoe fetish. Though I don't have money to indulge in it yet. Someday I will have shoes in all colours.

48) I dread watching a movie alone.

49) I have a habit of plucking my eyelashes out at intervals. I have no idea why.

50) I love the few glow in the dark stickers in my room. I also love the way the streetlight dances through the curtains on my cupboard at night while I am falling asleep.

51) I have a strange habit of reading anything an everything... from hoardings to stuff written on the back on ricks, etc etc.

52) I feel a constant need to stay busy and have more on my plate than I can handle. I will never stay happy if I do only one thing. Which is why, even in college, I was into everything possible, and every society that would take me :)

53) I am easily amused by little things, even small whistles and kids' toys.

54) I am a tomboy who wishes she was girly. But again, I love being a tomboy too. Don't ask me, I don't understand it either.

55) Time and again, I feel like picking up my bag and running away to some far off hill or beach.

56) I get strange urges to bite people often. I have bit people's fingers and hands when I get that itch.

57) I trip on Blueberry Cheesecake. And the awesome Wild Berry Iced Tea at Candies.

58) When I am in a serious mood, you won't be able to remember if it is the same person who was going so mad. I call it my extremes.

59) I love it if people call me weird. Or eccentric. Or crazy. Well, that quite proves why they say it too.

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