Feb 3, 2009

The fall of the majority

Recently, I saw Luck By Chance. My reasons for awaiting this movie were different (read: Farhan), though conventional reasons too played some part.

But, it was after I watched the movie, or rather, after people I know watched the movie that I had a realisation. All the people I know were divided on their opinions about it. Some liked it immensely, some hated it. And when I asked the reason for hatred - 'It was boring'.

Now, let me clear this. I am not publicising or justifying the movie. But I have a theory as to why the people who hated this movie did so (as I have a theory for every second thing).
The world has gotten used to formulas. They are used to a routine, comfort zones and a set pattern to everything. Even entertainment has a pattern.

Movies for example. They need to have an adrenalin rush. There HAS to be a twist in the tale, and having a surprising or dramatic climax is important. Experimentation is allowed as long as you follow the rules of shock and stun. Luck By chance did not have a climax. It had a very stable pace, no ups and not much downs. And hence, it was disliked by many for 'not having a story/plot'.

According to me, it was not meant to have a strong 'plot', since what goes on in Bollywood is common knowledge. What was the strength was the characterization, and the performances. Yes, it sure wasn't a 'great' movie. There were a lot of flaws, a lot of stretchy scenes, and had a desperate need for better editing. But then, it wasn't that bad either.

Another factor which brings movies to doom I believe is expectations. If you expect too much from a movie, you will be disappointed very easily. On the other hand, if you expect too little, chances are you will really praise it. This is why it gets more and more difficult to predict the success of movies these days.

I believe we should enter a movie hall without expectations. Not affected by hype or lack of it. Opinions are being formed by everyone. And all are subjective. Some out of habit, some cynicism, some surprise and some lack of surprise. No review can be trusted and no opinion adopted as your own.

There is no majority.

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