Dec 3, 2008

Paki media's views on the attacks

Politicians playing the blame game, countries speculating, Countries trying to attack on the pretext of saving other nations and the world, diplomacy jumping and then taking dips, everything going for a toss. The people are confused on what to believe and what not. The UN has become the force that it was before the World War - a silent spectator. Those in the know shut up. And the ignorant turn their beliefs into facts for the world.

And the world laps it all up. So that in the end, its a huge mess of views, opinions, diplomatic talks, personal grudges, vested interests, and confusion. And the facts are all hidden beneath, lost forever.

In the midst of all this, adding to the confusion is the Paki media. This bit of video clip just gave me a whole new perspective. I must say imagination is great for the media there. I could never have fathomed this angle to the attacks. But I will reserve my views and leave you to conclude whatever you wish from these clips:

Do let me know what you think.

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