Nov 25, 2008

"Look she is studying"

I was travelling by the train the other day, back from work. There sat a kid beside me, who kept staring at me with his little curious eyes. And try as I may, his curious eyes made me curious, wanting to look at what he was looking or wondering about.

As i sat reading my novel, he came closer and tried to comprehend what I was doing. And then his mother said -
'Bagh, abhyaas karte'. (Look, she is studying)

And that sentence somehow struck me. Instantly.

How we drill things into children's minds at such a young age. Reading simply means 'abhyaas' (study). No wonder not many kids grow up to love reading. After all, most kids hated studying. Making them synonymous, they lose out on precious learning.

And how we condition the young ones to live restricted. We show them our view of life. We push them in the direction of life that we have gone and feel is the best and safest.

Where is the spirit to explore? Where is life that is unpredictable, undefined? Why do we try to put life in this one box, and restrict it to that box we know. We are afraid to step out.

I just wonder. It may not look like a big difference, but it would surely make a big difference if the mother told he kid -
Look she is reading a story.

1 comment:

mads said...

i completely agree with you on this one.
that sure wud have made all the difference.