Nov 27, 2008

The city that was... The remains that are

those streets that we haunted,
where we felt one even with strangers,
those streets have turned strange today,
raped by inhumanity, now haunted by fears.

I remember walking along Metro, or walking among the shaded trees from VT to College (St.Xavier's College), or just walking through GT hospital as a shortcut to Crawford, sitting at Leo's and having some good time, or walking along the shore opposite the Oberoi or the Taj...

all these places were within me... within us. they were a part of the Bombay that beats in the heart of every Bombayite.

But now, like a bubbly girl deflowered by a gang of villains, the city has suddenly turned quiet, lifeless. Its turned into a lifeless form, that continues to move, but not live. It lives in constant fear. In constant memory of what it has gone through. The scars will go, but this damage will stay in the history books.

Most of all this damage will remain forever for the families of the hundreds of victims, of the many martyrs who died defending the city and preventing it from much worse. The short-term memory of the masses will soon forget them, but their families will never be able to recover.

As my heart grows heavy and tears almost well up when I think of the state of the city that I loved; as I can't find words to describe my feelings about the massacre and the victims; as I salute the martyrs and wonder ceaseless about their mourning families and their unfathomable bravery; as I feel one with the whole city and feel its pain in me - I still feel helpless and handicapped. I wish I could do something for this city that resides in me.


soulful saint said...

I was left speachless, still am, and god knows, for how long i will be. Want to share the lost families' grief. Got soo many things to write, but even the pen has lost it's emotions. "may silence set up a bed of peace for those who could not rest in peace when they were alive"...
write on!!

Divyesh. said...

I know exactly what you's like something was GOING to happen to the seems planned, and that makes it even more terrible, and disgusting, that such people are around in the city...who were waiting to use their guns and hold it to ransom.

Dez said...

The Taj Hotel is a beautiful building, deserving of heritage value.

Of what value is the Mantralaya building ?

Haem said...

its worth millions of bribes, pounds of ignorance, buckets of apathy, and a symbol of a stagnant democracy. and in a way i hate to say it, but we are responsible too. we have bcum the passive masses Marx criticised.