Oct 5, 2008

What's this?

Ever counted how many times people have pointlessly gone 'whats this?' when you have gone and done something radical or unexpected?

Starting from school when you would have doodles in your notebook and your teacher would scream 'whats this?' Doodles, what else!
And then at home when you return after enjoying the first rains, entirely wet - Whats this?
Or maybe when you wear a jeans at a wedding and you have the entire family going Whats this?
Or even better - I have a friend who would draw diagrams and pie charts for literature answers. As far as I saw them, they made perfect sense and in fact, I loved the innovative ideas. But as obvious, his teachers would go 'Whats this?' and threaten to fail him!
I have got red hair extensions now... and I have a volley of Whats this' coming to me.

Its something I felt like doing, and feelings can't be questioned, no matter how silly or radical or weird. Just something I like, simple!

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Dez said...

"What's this?"