Sep 18, 2008

The political volleyball

I say, why don't they blast the whole country together and start over. That way, they will have their own votebank.

What exactly is the benefit of scare bombs all over the country, injuring some people and murdering the unfortunate few, I haven't yet comprehended. Maybe I am dumb, or maybe I am just not politically inclined. I was born without that mutation in my genes.

Blaming the whole episode on some perpetually constipated loser who couldn't figure out that he was being manipulated by the so called 'religion saviours' for their selfish power plays, and naming him the 'mastermind' terrorist reminds me of the scheming 70's villains and their sidekicks who had no other jobs than to plot such impossible blaming games! Have you even looked at the pictures of the 'terrorist' that is blamed? He just seems too meddled with his own life to even bother about saving his religion.

My view - its just the political parties who care a donkey's nail about anyone but themselves who plot these so that they can blame the ruling party for bad security, blame the opposition for facilitating violence, blame the religious groups for fanaticism, blame the atheists for misguiding the public, blame the moral brigade and blame the 'immorality inducers' and blame the masses for their confusion and indifference. All in all, they blame everyone but themselves for not electing them and not filling their pockets as much as they wish so that they can die in a gold trimmed suit and leave their spoilt children to fight over their illegal properties.

And its not that we choose the wrong people. I think there is some major scientifc advancement that we are unaware of. No matter how decent the person, the moment he/she comes in close vicinity of the seat of power, it's a transmogrification (the Harry Potter kinds) into a vicious, scheming, cunning, greedy and stupid funnel. (its the draining vessel!)

I truly endorse what Sir Douglas Adams *salute* has said in The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy about a planet of humans being ruled by lizards and they don't overthrow the tyranny cos they simply haven't thought of it. (To know more, go read the book. It's worth it).

And at this point I would like to quote a friend of mine:
"I prefer to be socially and politically ignorant. For as a smart (fictional) man said, I am plagued by the disease of being too intelligent (and hence aware of what a fuckall world we live in), and so to cure myself, I am posing as ignorant. And therefore, blissful!"

I second that.

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soulful saint said...

wav! a great piece of writing after a long time. i totally second your thoughts. cheers!!! write on!