Sep 19, 2008

Paradise Now

Thanks to someone at my office, I got hold of a copy of Paradise Now, by award winning filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad, a movie about two suicide bombers - Khaled and Said, in Palestine and an deep look at how they become what they become. It's their search for salvation, and their bitter realisation that they are just pawns in a larger plot. Extremely gripping, the movie is like a camera placed in life, and captures every emotion with such sensitivity that you can't help but get goosebumps. I can't comment about dialogues since I watched it with sub-titles, but I can say I didn't feel any lack of it. What I saw on screen compensated more than enough for it. What is even more interesting is this heart wrenching journey has hardly any shots of violence and still it just twists your insides. Extremely moving, very well shot and amazing performances, especially by Kais Nashif who plays Said.

Worth the awards, accolades and the Oscar nomination and definitely worth a watch or even owning it.

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Tazeen said...

yeah, i too stumbled upon it by chance

very good watch.