Sep 6, 2008

The complex web of complexities

What if you suddenly realise you are introverted?

I did.

But well, not quite. I also realised I can get high on air and care a damn about the world around me, without any intoxication.

What do you call a heady mix of restlessness and caution?

What would you term a love of being around people blended with the inability to speak much when in a group?

What would you call being random at random moments and yet trying to bring some sense into the most erratic of thoughts?

Ah well... it can go on.

Going and confessing to one of your crushes on an impulse but still very shy around the next one - shy enough to veer away.

Or, enthusiasm and passion intertwined with procrastination and dreamy-eyed-ness (is that a word or am i making up words again?)

Too nice to be rude but to short tempered to keep calm all the time.

Radical and unpredictable, so much so that even your best friends get shocked at times. And yet, very hesitant to chat up a stranger or even call a stranger for work.

How complex can you get? I still don't know, cos I keep getting complex by the moment.
And did i mention, I love it!

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