May 23, 2008

Shake it baby!

Life is a cycle of wants and desires. There is always another long list in waiting after you have completed one. And it never ends, like one of those long toilet rolls in cartoons.

And one of the lines on that long roll talked about salsa dancing!

Salsa classes have begun IN office. And the experience is great. I realised how much i loved dancing, and how happy it makes me.

However much you love your work, and even if you are doing what you love in life, it is never enough. Humans are easily bored by nature, and monotony eats into the brain, slowly rendering it useless. And the only way to escape the trap is to surprise the brain now and then. Jump into things suddenly, follow your impulse, dive into something new.

And salsa did that to me.

Besides other things of course...

so here's a toast to shaking it all the way, and how!

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