Apr 9, 2008


Birthday... a purposeless count of purposeless years in a purposeless life!
Thats the existential in me talking.

Birthday.... FUN, pampering, a reason to demand and celebrate
Thats the child in me talking.

Birthday.... why is it so special when you don't feel special? When nothing different happens?
Thats the cynic cum realist me.

But hey, why are so many people butting in, when it is MY birthday!!! Celebraaatttteee!

What did I do on my 21st birthday?
  • Woke up early... no concession here
  • Came to office ... again no concession
  • Work and work... same story... in fact I got a birthday gift of more work
  • Get people sing, cut cake in office. Not to mention order an extra cake to splatter on my face... no wait make it rub on my face. (Yeh it was fun... but well...)
  • Meet some friends for sandwich before leaving at 7.30 ( a last minute substitute for dessert)
  • Meet Mariette and Priya at Candies, Bandra (the new one). I so love that place. ( will try and write a review soon)
  • Click mad pictures and then have an attempt to click a decent picture taken by P which ended up seeming like a Photoshoot! (i kept ruining pictures by making silly faces)
  • talk talk talk
  • Return home when M starts cribbing about getting late.
There you curious cats, you have my schedule for that day. Now anyone wishes to ask what I did?
PS: Oh for those who are still clueless, bday was yst - 8th April.

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