Dec 3, 2007

Records of some radio recordings

I went to my 1st radio recording, thanks to one of my bosses -R. Nice enough to realise that I probably have never been to one,he asked if I wanted to come. Grateful me obviously said yes. And then a big yippeeee in my head. (for those who wish to know- i have reduced my jumping around a bit)

Quiet and ready to absorb I accompanied him. And it was great! A great experience and things I hadn't seen before. And a lot of fun too with the radiospot being spoofed.

And not to mention the fact that I got to ride a bike!! yayyeeeee. I got a drop home by one of the sound engineers there who, it turned out, lived close-by. On the way on realising I never rode a bike, I got a free driving lesson. It is a negligible fact that my feet did not reach the ground and that I was not balancing the bike therefore. What is important that I rode it - gear, clutch, et al - at night... and did NOT crash!

My second recording was fun too. Here I got to experience another first! That of having my voice recorded for radio. Of course I aint kidding. They had one artists less and my boss - Gopi asked me to try my hand. 'Hah!' was all I said to myself. Me and sing??? Hilarious thought. I recalled images of friends plugging their ears or people forgetting the actual tune of the song I sang. And obviously I laughed at the suggestion, knowing it had to be a joke. But it turned out it wasnt. I did go to the recording room, did have my voice recorded, did hearit back and exclaim 'Thats ME???'. Thankfully it was a back-up.

What did get used was me along with the two other kids who were there- all three of us as answering together. So yes, technically my voice is there on the spot! Elated I was, and am, very obviously. After all its the 1st time something like this has happened. Compering is fine, public speaking is fine, anchoring is fine - all that I have done. This I hadn't, and never thought I would. YAYYEEE!

But, question of the day: IS MY VOICE LIKE A KID? IF NOT, WHAT IS IT LIKE???? HUH HUH HUH?

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