Dec 15, 2007


A good friend Arun had come down from Banglore, and while meeting up and engaging ourselves in one of our usual long conversations, he threw a thought across that set me thinking. Arun can come up with the most bizarre theories and make you think of them or start arguing with you on the most profiund topics - with the same zest. And the best part about him is one can go on and on talking with him or listening to him for hours without getting bored - be it intellectual conversations or senseless ones!

Among a million other topics that we talked and talked about in a span of around 3 hours, one of them was about Illusion, reality, light and darkness. I can't say we tried to find answers to the endless mysteries of the universe, but we did try and find some questions that toppled our taken-for-granted beliefs.

Light, materially speaking is generally defined as something that takes away darkness. And darkness on the other hand is said to be the absence of light. How strange that these two elements have to depend on each other for a definition, for some identity. Without the other, they are nothing. Light is a kind of darkness sucker. The speed of light is also supposedly the fastest measurement of speed. But then, what is the fastest? It is darkness. Try opening a cupboard door and when you try to close it, even from the most tiniest cracks, darkness seeps in and gets trapped inside, faster than light.

People are normally scared of darkness. But have you observed how when there is too much of light, the first instinct one has is to shut one's eyes? You seek refuge in darkness beacuse light has engulfed you way beyond your capacity. Darkness here seems the more comfortable option.

Darkness is also the most omnipresent of elements. There may be nothing existent, but darkness always manages to find a way through to that place, it seeps in everywhere.

The black hole is another interesting element. Like a dragon living far away in the mountains that people in the past feared, the black hole is the universe's monster that no one will ever dare to near to but everyone fears. Its existence is not disputable nor are its powers. The Black hole as it is called is a 'light-sucker'. It is the ultimate of darkness and sucks away into itself all that is around it whisking it away into the unknown darkness.

But what is ironic and the most interesting here is that this black hole is the result of a star bursting. A star - the ultimate source of light. A treasure-house of light bursts and gives birth to the exact opposite of what it previously stood for. It turns into a darkness churning machine that eats up all in its path.

But this light and darkness is a cycle. The black hole too some day 'bursts' (or whatever it is called) and with all that it has sucked in, another star and another galaxy is formed somewhere else. Its a cycle of birth and rebirth.

This also brings me to think - is life similar to the black hole and star? Complete opposites, yet they are connected. Like darkness and light they are so dependent on each other and it is only the death of one that results in the birth of another. Life's phases are like that. You struggle to throw out the darkess and move towards light, but wothout that darkness, you would not know what light is. It is the darkness that prevents you from too much light and the effects of it, and too much light is as scary as too much darkness.

But the absolute is unknown. Not yet compounded. Both darkness and lights are just elements, but the neutral is not known. Neither is the purpose. Its a cycle that keeps happening, just like life keeps going on. Humans try desperately to find a purpose in life, but is there any?

I have begun to believe that the purpose of life is existing. It is to keep continuing the struggle of light and darkness. That struggle gives it an unparalleled beauty. Life is to live and experience all the light and darkness you come across and then fade away. There is no higher purpose than that. Thats the bets part about it, thats what makes life beautiful - that it exists for nothing else but itself.

Hence it can be lived to the fullest. Hence it has the potential of being so beautiful and surreal that the experience is all that counts - being alive and living is all that counts. Probably thats where the urge to live comes from - the same urge that does not allow you to kill yourself by stopping your breath. You can't. because life knows it has to be lived entirely, and therefore it will not allow itself to be ended in this way!

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Anonymous said...

wav!!! simply loved that bit. The simplest of thing, with double it's intencity. It is funny however, we often view and lead our lives through different eyes. On one hand, when we are writing about life and it's varied shades, it is so eazy to talk about darkness and light together, but when we actually lead it, we only look at one thing at a time. either the light, or the darkness, very often cribbing about the other... looking forward to more of these topics, but with the same level of intencity, if not more... chears!!!