Dec 17, 2007


The Ad World has many inspiring stories, some quite known, some unknown. And it becomes more interesting if the stories you hear are from the country. At a time when the world is thinking that India is progressing too slow, and pictures of slums and street children become synonymous with the country, these stories should be unearthed to show the citizens what has been done and can be done. We have reached a point where I hear everyone complaining that the country has gone to the dogs and nothing can be done of it. We see people in the train littering and instead of stopping them, I hear even the youngsters sitting and commenting on the 'metality of THESE people'! It annoys me to hear such statements from the procrastinators. Where is the ideal of a small change making a huge difference? It may sound utopian but I still do believe in the idea of doing your bit and letting it get carried forward. Ok fine, you don't wanna be the messiah. No one asks you to be. All that is asked is to ensure that the place around you is good enough for living. You are travelling in a train and it would not be wrong or 'not your business' to stop someone from littering there. You will be ensuring your own good health to say the least. Thats ten times better than just staring from your seat and mouthing abusing for the accussed while munching on a pack on chips!

There are some stories that make me a little proud. Stories of success, of determination, of how the will to change inspired a lot more.

An example would be the Amul Story. The whole revolution by the farmers that made their life easier and also created a co-operative so huge and invincible that it has set an example. What also inspires are their simple mottos: Of Indianness, of purity, of opportunities, of development of the farmers.

You may or may not find a picture of Gandhiji at an Amul outlet, but you will surely find one of the village ladies lined up with their brass milk pots. The rootedness of the whole system makes it spectacular, as well as the entire organisation of the supply and demand chain.

Another fact that leaves me with my chin in the air and proud of Amul is their objective of Indianness. They aim to throw out the Westernization to pave the way for progress for the country's backward. The fact that they got into the cheese and butter market for the same reasons and that they let the Indian brands live and overthrow Western competition - it all brings an instant smile on my face. I just love the brand.

And so does the country. It can be called the most loved brand. And how can one forget the Amul ads with the cute little nameless girl touching everyone's heart. The witty liners and take-offs on all issues makes it the best social observer, creating an awareness while inciting a laugh. All in play and no offence ever meant!

It just leaves me grinning and wanting to rush for an Amul ice cream just for the sake of it! Yummm...

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