Aug 2, 2007

When counsellors need counselling...

I have always believed in self-sufficiency. You know yourself best and you are the best person to cure yourself. No one else can help if you are not making the effort.

But there are certain times, certain sides of you, unknown to you, a mystery to you. New experiences, new facts about yourself, being faced with new situations and new emotions, and being so confused as to what to do, how to handle. You are on the look-out for some comfort then, some re-assurance, maybe even motivation.

And even the strongest of people need that at times. Even the strongest have weaknesses.

The strongest are used to being the comforter, the motivator, the stable and rational mind in tricky circumstances.

But what when they need support? What when counsellors need counselling?

Why is it so difficult for them to find that very support? Why is it so that when they go weak, there is a general expectation and belief that because this person is strong, they dont need support and they can pull themselves together on their own? Why is it that all that one gets in the guise of 'comfort' is a reprimand for being weak, or a chiding for seeking motivation elsewhere?

Its a lonely world sometimes. You have to learn to deal with yourself on your own, for the sake of others.

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narayan kaudinya said...

so many questions.. so many things.. though you yourself had the answer.. this article shoudn't have a comments coloumn..