Apr 7, 2007

Is there a cure for sick minds?

It is quite strange to find how, with the garb of modernity, orthodoxy still manages to spread it claws all around and catch hold of the poor free souls who do not wish to interfere with it and do not wish it to interfere. It is surprising to find that in this new millenium, the 'new age', the age of the 'modern', call it whatever you may (u know wat i mean), there are still people who hold 5th century BC values (ok that maybe an exaggeration, but again u know wat i mean!) There are sick mentalities and there are sick mentalities, and I have seen them now!

For me, the idea of family has always been that of an institution that is built more on mutual respect, love and belonging rather than blood ties. it is a bunch of relationships tied together with immense trust. And now even that definition has been challenged. The challenge has put before me a family that lives not on trust but on power games. It is a notion of right and wrong and of having the upper hand, of believing that you are at the top and getting everyone to submit to ur dictatorship. Its hypocrisy at its worst, with the facade of benevolence, and the actual deed being one of the destruction of an individual identity.

It is quite appalling in this age to find parents who suppress their children into the fields they want, control their children as if they were puppets, dont bliv in the concept of privacy for children, and dont have a basic trus and faith in your children. i am just thankful and happy that i have a mother, who, if i say i did not do something, will believe me more than anyone else! Who has the faith that her daughter will be sensible and knows the right from wrong and is strong enough to decide her life... Yes, there will be some restrictions, but she cares, and even she has some basic beliefs that cant ever change, and that concession has to be given!

I say, an individual is an individual, and becomes one as soon as he/she is separated from the mother's body... the identity is different now, and the individual has the basic right to mould that identity, to create a personality. There will be influences, there will be advisors and guides, there will be those who will obstruct you going the wrong way through force, and there will be all kinds of people... but they are all what we can say the 'other', with their own minds and lives. And they have a limited part to play in the individual's life. Ultimately it should be the individual who should be given the freedom to choose, the right to decide... the power to create your own life and CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN REALITY! IT IS YOUR WORLD AFTER ALL, LIKE I SAY!

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